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Our church has just started the Freedom in Christ course. At the first session during the group time, we were asked what expectations God has of us. It’s a question that has stuck with me. A few people gave some answers about obedience, faithfulness and alike. All good sentiments… that I disagreed with.I may be totally off base but I’m not sure God deals in terms of expectations. I don’t know that He expects anything of me or from me. I’m sure He has wants and desires for me, that He wants what is best for me, but does He expect it? I’m not so sure.

I think the trouble with expectations is what happens when you don’t meet them. How do we deal with that kind of failure and how does that fit with the idea of grace? Do expectations actually set us up to fail? I love it when Anna cooks my tea for me, but I don’t (whatever she might tell you) expect it. Ok since I brought marriage into it as an analogy, surely I expect Anna to love me, and all those other things she vowed 10 plus years ago. I guess I could expect that, I guess some would argue that was my right, but I have found that marriage works better when I give and give rather than give and take. Because invariably when take is on the table it usually becomes my focus.

If you push me I may say God expects one thing of us – to fail and thank Him that He’s already accounted for that.

What do you think?