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Since becoming a father I have changed in many ways. One of these ways is fixing things. Or at least attempting too. I have never been gifted in DIY, so this has been a challenge. Whether it has been misused toys, or the car door(!) I have a previously undiscovered appetite to tinker. Where once I would pay someone to repair, now I more often than not reach for the toolbox. This has not always led to success, in fact sometimes I’m pretty sure I’ve made things worse, but I like the idea that Little Welford knows his Dad will have a go.The world is in a mess. The UK alone is being battered by storms, and it’s financial market is still in dire straits. Extending my vision further doesn’t do much to lighten the picture. Thankfully we have a heavenly Father who doesn’t just attempt to fix things – He has fixed them.

It is sometimes hard for me to remember that the power of the cross is for all time. I can accept that Jesus has paid for the sins that I have already committed, it is somewhat harder for my time restricted mind to accept him dying for my as yet uncommitted sins. However my difficulty to accept it does not change the truth of it.

2000 odd years ago all my sins were in Jesus future, yet he still went to the cross knowing what I would do with my life. Jesus fixed it once and for all. When I accept this I am free to live in the present knowing my future is safe.

Romans 5:8 ‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’