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Love LightPart 1 Part 2

It was great to have an overwhelming spontaneous emotional love towards Little Welford, but the truth is it’s not always like that. Often it’s the opposite of that. But the truth? That never changes, and the truth is I love him, when I feel it emotionally and when I don’t. I love him by the choices I make, to protect him, to speak well of him, to make him laugh when he’s bumping his gums. I love him whether I feel like it or not. Truth trumps emotion.

Roughly three weeks ago Little Welford was dancing and singing down the stairs, about half way down he lost his balance and literally fell head over heels the rest of the way. He had broken and bent both his radius and ulna and needed his arm pulling to straighten it out. On top of this it was suppose to be Anna’s first day back at work the next day, and my open day for my ministerial training. Stressed wasn’t the word. And in this stress our thoughts turned to the injustice of it all. Did we really need this? When he fell he was singing the song ‘This is the day’ and it somehow made it worse that he had been singing worship when he fell! Come on God, what was that all about? Then I realised the simple truth – this was the day that God had made, our small troubles didn’t change that. If we looked God was still to be found, still to be trusted, still to be depended upon. Truth trumps emotion.

John 8:32 ‘Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.’