We have been looking forward to our family holiday in Sweden ever since we booked it. All through the summer we monitored the weather, amazed at the temperatures and wall-to-wall sunshine as Sweden basked in its best summer for many years. Then the weather turned, about ten days before we were due to arrive! Our drive north from Gothenburg last Sunday was punctuated by torrential downpours. With time to kill before our 3:00 pm check in we ate Swedish McDonald’s and bought some supplies in the Swedish Coop.

imageWhen we arrived at our destination we discovered that our holiday chalet was a tad smaller than we had anticipated. The straw that broke the camel’s back was when we found there was nowhere to stow our two empty suitcases. They were too deep to go under the beds. In the end we put then in the boot/trunk of our rental car!

imageAfter the trauma of unpacking we took stock. Marilyn and I had a leisurely walk around the site, which was extraordinarily quiet. Apparently, the Swedish school year started the previous week; something we were unaware of when we booked. Apart from a few Germans, some retired Swedes and an Austrian family it seems as if we have the site to ourselves! In the evening we played games on the verandah to our chalet, where we have eaten breakfast every morning. The weather has improved. We have been exploring, walking, kayaking, the kids have been in the water, and life has slowed down to a snail’s space. Most of all we find ourselves blessed by both the beauty and the silence of this place.

imageWait a minute! Blessed by spending eight days in a small chalet on a Swedish holiday camp after the season has ended? Absolutely! God knew exactly what He was doing when He brought us to this place, at this time, as a family. Despite what we may think God’s timing and planning is always perfect.

This time next week Beth will have started her gap year with YFC, John will be back at school, and Marilyn and I will be back in the thick of everything we have left behind. But whatever happens we will not forget the blessings we have received and are continuing to receive from eight chilled days on a holiday camp somewhere up a fjord on the west coast of Sweden. God is good, and we feel exceptionally blessed by His hand on our lives.