Beth’s first blog – read about the start of her gap year with Youth for Christ. The only girl on a team of four young people engaging with other young people through cage football (soccer).

The Life of a Nomad!

So I have finally started my gap year. It definitely seems like it has been a long time coming! With Nomad having first caught my eye in 2010, it feels great to finally be on the team and serving like I’ve seen many others do before me! I’m now into my 4th week of the year and its been pretty full on since I’ve started, with plenty of training and new experiences!

The first week of training was ETC, a place where all of us who are doing gap years with Youth For Christ (both first and second years) got the chance to meet for the first time and build relationships within teams. For me turning up halfway through the week was slightly odd and a bit unnerving as everyone had already bonded but I think I was able to fit in relatively well, largely through embarrassing myself (i.e. falling over…

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