P1070109The last six weeks have been hectic with visits to five other countries, although thankfully one of those visits was the nine-day family holiday we were fortunate to have in Sweden at the end of August. The holiday was a blessed time during which we relaxed in beautiful surroundings in relatively good weather. Although somewhat cramped in our holiday chalet we enjoyed being together as a family. Rising early each day I found it easy to spend time alone with God and those times prompted four blog posts in the space of one week. Sadly, since returning home a hectic schedule of business, church and family needs has often squeezed out my morning space with God. This is most evident in the empty pages in my journal, but I feel it in the hunger that gnaws away inside when a day has been so busy that I haven’t connected with God.

IMG_1781In a blog I read recently there was a reminder of the need to zoom in sometimes to benefit from the finer detail. But the busyness of life sometimes means that we miss both the big picture and the fine detail. For example, our church has been considering ways to improve our church buildings, and outline plans have been drawn up and presented to the church. While these plans omit much of the fine detail that builders would need, the even finer detail is in what they cannot express in a diagrammatic or a written format: What have buildings got to do with the challenge of Jesus Christ to go and make disciples? Our church stands on a busy street that leads into the heart of our small city. People walk past it every Sunday, but almost without exception only those who already belong walk in.

10703849_916817611679659_5537565117059387505_nThis week we have been privileged to briefly share our home with four young Americans who have answered a clear call from God to cross the Atlantic at their own expense to bless the people of the UK and Ireland with their ability to communicate through music. They could have waited in their home church in Chattanooga for people to come and hear them, but instead they have played without any request for payment in churches and other venues on the opposite side of the pond. They have even busked in Grafton Street in Dublin sharing the Gospel in song with those who passed by. Last night they played for us in our home. What a special time that was. So what is the fine detail? The fine detail is that when we zoom in on Jesus He most definitely did not tell us to construct church buildings. He wanted us to meet together, but more than anything He wanted us to meet with other people and share the blessings we have received.

Now we, brethren, as Isaac was, are children of promise. (Galatians 4:28 NKJV)