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traffic jamWe are back in Skegness at Spring Harvest. The journey went well until we hit the five-mile queue of traffic outside Skegness. I figured that most of the other drivers in the queue were probably heading to Spring Harvest so would be Christians. As we progressed slowly it turned out that they were mostly heathens queuing patiently to enter the car park for a speedway event. At least they queued like Christians.

Or did they? Do Christians demonstrate that they are filled with the Holy Spirit while queuing? In less than twenty-four hours at Spring Harvest I have found myself getting irritated by a number of overtly rude and annoying people. Which is strange because surely the purpose of being here is to experience God in a meaningful way, to grow in faith, encourage each other, and well … just chill.

The chill bit is usually easy as there is often a cold easterly wind blowing in off the North Sea to refrigerate Skegness. Yesterday there wasn’t. In fact the sun was shining, and is forecast to shine all week. Which leaves me with the question about how we should behave as followers of Jesus, and whether the fact that we follow Him is evident in our lives – especially when we are around other followers. Aren’t we supposed to shine whatever?

I don’t know what any other human being is going through at any given time, and they don’t know what pressures I might be succumbing to. This makes it even more important that grace is evident in our lives regardless of whatever is bubbling away inside our heads. Because doesn’t it all begin with grace?

IMG_7267So to the man who put his hand across my face as he pushed past Marilyn and I at the start of the Big Top worship last night I am sorry I exclaimed “EXCUSE ME!!!” rather loudly. My reaction to your moment of ignorance didn’t harm you; it damaged me. It prevented me from connecting with the worship. It made me judge one of the hosts for the evening, and it separated me from God for a good sixty minutes as I stewed about your rudeness. In short it made me rude. I have much to learn at Spring Harvest this week.

One who loves a pure heart and who speaks with grace will have the king for a friend. (Proverbs 22:11 NIV)