It was just a postcard. It arrived this morning along with a credit card bill. The credit card bill was expected, but the postcard wasn’t – because nobody sends postcards anymore, do they? Well one person did and it cheered me up on a day when for some reason I was feeling down. postcard

Then I read a blog post by Natalie Scarberry about thanking God (click here to read it) and that also lifted my spirits reminding me of the need to worship God in everything and for everything.

Playing in the background during my feeling low morning was a recent album by The Gray Havens (Ghost of a King). One song in particular caught my ear, although the entire album is good in my opinion. Sadly, I can’t find the song on YouTube to share. The lyrics include the words:

Then the perfect son of man
Took the place the voice had planned
Since the garden and before
He took the swords and cursed the grave
There’s nothing more to separate us from the promise
The words of a living hope

And this my soul you were born
You were born into
What this man has done
It all extends to you
Let the words shake on down along your spine
And ring out true that you might find

The full lyrics can be found by clicking here. If you want to hear the song it is available on iTunes. I am glad I listened to it today not because I was feeling low but because I easily forget that the battle is won. The implications of God sending Jesus to die on a cross often elude me during the busy-ness of a typical day. I need frequent reminders of everything God has done for me. Today those reminders came in the form of a postcard, a blog post and a song. It was just a postcard, but today I am so grateful that someone took time to write and send that postcard to me. I think I need to write a postcard to someone. How about you? Who knows what a postcard arriving in the mail might do for someone you know?