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Please pray for my twenty-year old daughter Beth. I am not sure what time she got home last night. In fact I don’t even know exactly where she is living at the moment. Beth moves from one address to another in an itinerant life style and it is difficult to keep up with her.

I wonder what came to mind when you read the above paragraph? Has David’s daughter got some sort of problem? Is she out drinking and clubbing? Why doesn’t he know where she is and what she is doing? Did you consider me an irresponsible parent?

Let me explain. Having four brothers meant that Beth gained a love of football (soccer) from an early age. She was the only girl on her junior school team. After junior school she played first on a girls’ team and then for a ladies’ team, and also qualified as a referee. When God gives you a gift then there is always a chance that He may ask you to put it to good use, even a gift for playing football.


Beth’s Football Medals

And that is how Beth came to leave home at eighteen to become a volunteer with British Youth for Christ (YFC). YFC engage in various forms of evangelism, one of which is a touring cage football team called Nomad. After two years as a volunteer with Nomad Beth is now a staff member with YFC and responsible for leading the team. This means driving a Ford Transit van loaded up with team members and the football cage all over the UK to engage with young people.


The Nomad Van. Room for up to six team members and one football cage. Not what you expect your 20-year old daughter to be driving!

Nomad is why Beth did not get to bed until nearly midnight last night. For the last week Nomad have been in Nailsea. They have worked in a secondary school during the day mainly taking PE lessons and using the football cage to connect with the pupils. They have been involved in after school activities too, and on the last day of their week in Nailsea worked with a youth group in the evening. It was gone 21.00 hours before they loaded up the van and hit the road back to Birmingham where they are based. After dropping the other team members to their host homes Beth finally got back to hers (she still hasn’t given me the address, which is why I don’t know where she is living!).


The 2016-2017 Team inside the Cage

What is the point of this post you ask? You may even know about Beth and her adventures already. The point is that God gave Beth a couple of very special gifts. One was a love of football, the other a love of young people. YFC have managed to combine those gifts and channel them into an amazing ministry. And not just in Beth. This year there are two eighteen-year olds and one nineteen-year old serving with Beth on the Nomad team. Other young  people are serving as volunteers on other touring teams, and in YFC centres. Now I cannot do what they do but I can support them in prayer and financially (all the volunteers have to raise funds, and even staff members have to raise half their salary costs). So please will you pray for my daughter, and the others like Beth who are out there bringing Jesus to the youth of the UK.


Nomad Line-up for 2016-7. Please pray for Shaun, our Beth, Josh and new Beth.

The other challenge that comes out of this post is about the gifts God has given you and me and how we are using them. Because I believe that the young volunteers and staff members at Youth for Christ put most of us to shame.

The Lord now chose seventy-two other disciples and sent them ahead in pairs to all the towns and places he planned to visit. These were his instructions to them: “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his fields.” (Luke 10:1-2 NLT)


Our Family

Beth Welford

Video of Beth (and her brother John) playing in the Nomad cage with the local mayor and a parking enforcement warden (as viewed on ITV’s Parking Wars):