There is a pub called the ‘Poitin Stil’ on the Naas Road after you leave Dublin that serves the most wonderful meals. I am particularly fond of their ‘steak on a stone,’ but other dishes on the menu look equally good. My problem is that I only visit Dublin two or three times a year so I always go for the steak on a stone.
img_1480-copyI realise that I am probably missing out on many other great tastes, if only I could get past being hooked on the steak. I’m the same when we visit our favourite restaurant at home when I usually choose the sea bass: partly because I love sea bass, and partly because the sea bass is served with Dauphinoise potatoes – another favourite!
Choosing from a restaurant menu could be compared with reading the Bible. The Psalmist tells us to ‘taste and see that the Lord is good’ (Psalm 34.8) but many of us only take small portions of Scripture and forget what we tasted five minutes after we have consumed it. We get fixated on our favourite verses (how often have you heard Jeremiah 29:11 quoted?) and fail to go exploring elsewhere in God’s word.img_5210
Now I’ve done the reading through the Bible in a year thing more than once and it is a good thing to do. But it can be a little quick for me as it prompted a fast rather than a careful read. Currently I am using a Chronological Bible to work my way through the New Testament at my own speed. I have also been trying to pray through what I read. And you know what? God is blessing me through the many different flavours of Scripture.img_5209
For instance, I finished 2 Timothy on Friday morning. Then I read a few blogs and was amazed to read one (click here to read it) that referred to 2 Timothy 1. The writer mentioned the importance of Timothy’s mother and grandmother in shaping his faith. That reminded me of people who have played an important part in my faith and my journey, but it also challenged me about the people in my life who I need to pray for, encourage and support. I think I need to get better at savouring the flavour of scripture. Just like a good steak it needs to be consumed slowly. I particularly like the concept of steak on a stone where you cook your meat yourself on a very hot lava stone. That way it gets cooked to perfection and I remember it for a long time.