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Work takes me to Scandinavia a couple of times a year, mainly to Sweden and Denmark, with visits to Norway and Finland taking place less frequently. In fact it is five years since I last travelled to Norway and I haven’t been to Oslo since 2012. I returned to Oslo in August and was relieved to find that I still knew my way around. Getting from the airport into the centre of Oslo is simple with a fast train leaving for the central station every ten minutes. I downloaded the Flytoget app on my phone and was delighted to discover that my account for the airport train was still open making it easy to purchase a digital ticket.


Oslo Airport Station

There are several hotels within walking distance of the central station. I stayed at the Thon Opera in 2012, a pleasant hotel with views towards the harbour and of course the Opera House. Sadly, further construction around the harbour has blocked the view from the Thon. I couldn’t get a room in the Thon Opera and decided to stay at the Scandic Byporten on the other side of the station. Amazingly, I could see the harbour from my hotel room window and a small corner of the Opera House.


View from my hotel window: Oslo harbour with the Opera House on the extreme left

I took a walk across to the Opera and climbed the roof, just as I did in 2012. The Opera House is an incredible building combining glass, granite and marble to create a structure that in places appears as if it is floating. While the Opera hasn’t changed since I was last there, the surrounding area has. I couldn’t believe the number of new buildings springing up everywhere.


Oslo Opera House

The other change I noticed in Norway was the proliferation of electric and hybrid vehicles, encouraged apparently through government incentives and a decent network for charging said vehicles. I even got to travel in a Tesla. An impressive vehicle indeed. I guess in time we will all change to electric vehicles. It is what our governments want!


View from the Oslo Opera House. Change is good. Right?

All that change got me thinking. While I quite fancy an electric car I’m not so bothered about high-rise buildings popping up everywhere. I guess I prefer the low rise waterfronts that characterised my childhood island home.  In a world of change I am grateful to and for the One who never changes.


Battery power Tesla-style

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Hebrews 13:8 NLT)