Nick is 35. Living in the near tropical climate of Scarborough and married for nearly nine years to Anna. Having been involved in Christian youth work in one way or another since the age of 16, in 2006 he made the jump to a more ‘normal’ line of work. Initially struggling with the huge culture shock, and alien culture he worked for almost four years as a Police Community Support Officer in North Yorkshire Police, before sensing God calling him back into ministry. In September 2010 he once again took up the reigns of Youth Worker at his local church, but this time as well as the youth work he will be looking to gain as much wider ministry experience as possible, to be ready for the next call of God on his life. Looking to the future causes him to sweat more than hard exercise, and his over all sense is that there has to be more to life, but since then he discovered chilli nachos, and that pretty much answered all his questions.

Some idiot somewhere down the line told him he could write, and now here you are.

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Nick’s posts are often featured on the CVM Blog.

Nick has written a guest blogs for Building Blocks and Grow Up! and Proverbial Thought which you can read by clicking.


4 thoughts on “Nick”

  1. Nick

    Near Tropical Scarborough – great line. Here in Devon Monsoon season has just started, fancy a curry?

    New job with “the Church”, you must like criticism then…


  2. Just saw your tweet about “Lean and Cost” on Sat night, hope the preaching went well. As a lean manager/consultant, based in York, I often talk with my vicar about how supportive the lean management techniques are with being a Christian. This morning was about how we as lean practitioners have a similar story to the feeding of the 5,000 and the maths behind it, a couple of weeks ago it was about sharing without expecting any return.

    I can’t be sure you meant lean management in your tweet, as I mean it but if you want to know more about how US churches are using these principles to transform their interaction within communities then drop me a line.

    And best of luck

    • Thanks for your comment Mark! The preach went quite well – could always make them shorter though!

      The lean I was talking about was simply the way we are designed to lean on Jesus rather than attempt to stand on our own two feet! I have to confess to not having heard of lean management before!

  3. Hi Nick, As you may know, ThreadsUK will shut down in a few weeks. Wondered if I could have permission to reproduce your post “You Can Keep Your Healing” on my blog as I previously linked to it from my blog. Please let me know. I’m contactable on Twitter at @hope4greyplaces and on FB at @workthegreymatter

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