starman-movieOne of my favourite movies is Starman, which was released in 1984, and starred Jeff Bridges and Karen Allen. Last week I watched Starman for the first time in several years. I was surprised when I noticed things in the film that I have missed in the past, some of which reminded me of Jesus and His experience of life on earth. For a start the Starman travelled to earth and took on human form. Soon after arriving the Starman assessed that earth was a hostile environment, and sent a distress signal requesting extraction. It was at this point that the obvious similarities with Jesus taking human form ended. The environment was certainly hostile for Jesus when He was born, to the extent that He became a refugee in Egypt. When the family eventually relocated to Nazareth, the main issue for Jesus was probably living as a Jew under Roman rule. The real hostility began when Jesus began His ministry, and it increased steadily up to the point that Jesus was crucified. Continue reading


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