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Last Saturday evening Marilyn and I used a few spare hours to watch the movie ‘King Kong’ while Beth was at work waitressing, and John was at a sleepover. We bought the DVD at a stall at a local flower festival at least two years ago, but the three-hour running time meant we never got round to watching it.

hoo falcon 1I was amused by several inaccuracies during the part of the movie featuring the small ship that eventually transports King Kong back to New York. The most serious for me was that the lights were on in the wheelhouse at night. Any seafarer knows how important good night vision is, which is why the wheelhouse is kept as dark as possible at night.

Night vision is important so that the officer of the watch and the lookout can see the navigational lights of other vessels while they are still many miles distant. From the lights it is possible to determine the direction a vessel is taking, and whether there is any need to alter course to avoid the possibility of a collision. Continue reading


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