Time to Pray More

It has been nearly two months since my previous post: ‘Time to Pray.’ In that post I wrote the following words:

‘That was my prompt this morning. I woke early and found myself challenged about who I am praying for and who is praying for me. And I realised how remiss I am at praying daily for those God has placed into my care and into my heart. I need to be praying for my family daily. I need to be praying for precious friends daily, and for my pastor and other leaders at my church. And I need to pray for others as God prompts me. I also need to remember that I need to take time in prayer to listen to God.’

That challenge from God was somewhat of a boot up the backside. I have never been much in favour of prayer ‘shopping lists’ but now I have a list of people who I pray for daily. Usually I pray when I walk the dog (a recent addition to the family handed down by my parents). As I walk up the road I pray for each of my neighbours by name. Fortunately we live in a cul-de-sac of just eleven houses. I pray for my family: my wife, my children, my daughters-in-law, my grandchildren, for my parents, and my sisters and their families. I pray for my pastor and fellow deacons at church. Then there are the special friends who God has placed on my heart and I pray for them and their families.


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