I introduced Martin, the other deck cadet on the Irish Wasa, in my previous post. I had never met anyone quite as laidback as Martin before. However, his happy-go-lucky unconventional nature did not go down well with the captain who had never met a first trip cadet quite like Martin before.

Martin. Allegedly studying. Balaclava hiding dodgy haircut. Note the ancient and falling apart cassette tape player on the far edge of the desk. That’s how we listened to music in those days!

When I joined the Irish Wasa I was surprised at Martin’s strange hair style. I discovered that the captain had repeatedly told Martin to get his haircut and finally in exasperation gave him the money for a haircut and sent him ashore to find a barber when the ship was in the UK. Unfortunately, Martin found a pub first where the haircut money came in most useful. When he finally returned to the ship a little the worse for wear and having failed to get a haircut the third mate decided that the best course of action was that he should cut Martin’s hair. Continue reading