Time to Pray

I’ve read quite a few books about prayer and how to pray. Some were good, some were not. But surely the best way to learn about prayer is by considering how, when and where Jesus prayed? That brings certain challenges. For instance, would I be up for an all-nighter up in the hills? Or forty days in the local wilderness fasting and praying? Hills and wilderness aside I cannot get away from the fact that Jesus prayed a lot, and frequently for more than a couple of minutes.


Years ago when I was serving at sea and definitely not walking with God my Aunt mobilised her friends to pray for me. I didn’t know it at the time. I don’t even know if they knew how and when their prayers were answered but I do believe that without their faithfulness in prayer my life may have turned out very differently. Or ended abruptly (and I can think of occasions when that should have happened). Continue reading