The Tale of the Broken Nose



If you are following this blog you will know that I have been taking a journey down memory lane revisiting my seafaring days. At the end of May 1974 I was on my second trip to sea as a deck cadet on an old rust bucket named the Irish Wasa. Having crossed the Atlantic with 16,000 tons of Canadian iron ore the Irish Wasa spent four days discharging cargo in Turku in Finland. After this the Irish Wasa sailed for Luleå to load Swedish iron ore for discharge in Koverhar, a small Finnish port midway between Turku and Helsinki. I had hoped to see the midnight sun while in Luleå, but unfortunately this was obscured by the midnight clouds. From Koverhar we sailed back to Sweden to load iron ore in Oxelösund for discharge in Amsterdam.

Oxelösund – yes I still have postcards I bought in 1974! Note the prominent position of the church.

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