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Please pray for my twenty-year old daughter Beth. I am not sure what time she got home last night. In fact I don’t even know exactly where she is living at the moment. Beth moves from one address to another in an itinerant life style and it is difficult to keep up with her.

I wonder what came to mind when you read the above paragraph? Has David’s daughter got some sort of problem? Is she out drinking and clubbing? Why doesn’t he know where she is and what she is doing? Did you consider me an irresponsible parent?

Let me explain. Having four brothers meant that Beth gained a love of football (soccer) from an early age. She was the only girl on her junior school team. After junior school she played first on a girls’ team and then for a ladies’ team, and also qualified as a referee. When God gives you a gift then there is always a chance that He may ask you to put it to good use, even a gift for playing football.


Beth’s Football Medals

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