The Challenges and the Blessings of Attending Christian Events



We returned from Spring Harvest on Good Friday and are now out of the bubble for another year. Spring Harvest 2017 prompted three blog posts. Two of those posts might suggest that I spent most of my time at Spring Harvest getting annoyed with other Christians. I have to admit that my tolerance was tested by the usual stuff such as queue jumping, and large coats over the backs of seats severely restricting space for those behind. There were a couple of new ones: canoodling during the worship (spotted twice involving two different couples right in front of me) and leaning back in the seat (as if it reclined like an airline seat). The offender in question managed to lean so far back that I had little space to take notes. I wanted to poke my pen into his ear but resisted the temptation. He also happened to be one of the canoodlers! I should have said something but didn’t. We Christians don’t. Instead we scuttle off and complain to anyone who will listen. Then there was the general misery that seemed to be exhibited by Spring Harvesters outside of the Big Top. St. Augustine is reported to have said that ‘Christians should be an alleluia from head to foot.’ It is just as well that Augustine wasn’t at Spring Harvest.


Selfish coat Christians – in a seminar about conflict (responding to not causing)!

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